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First of all, if you missed my favorite 2011 wedding photos yesterday, go back and check it out. It was a pretty killer year, wedding-wise.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to some of my favorite engagement photos of the 2011! It’s no secret that I love engagement sessions, so I’m super excited about this post. Also, I love how great my clients are about being up for anything I suggest… that trust means the world to me!

It’s a week or so into 2012, and I’m already getting ready for this year’s weddings (my first is in Februrary!). Since I know so many wonderful things are looming ahead in 2012, I wanted to take some time for a recap post to look back at all my wonderful couples and all the great weddings moments that happened last year. Also, I wanted to say thank you to all the couples that made it such an amazing year!

2011 was seriously crazy. At the beginning of the year, I rebranded, thanks to the help of the ultra-talented Billy Carlson. In March, Cynthia (of Blend Beauty) and I signed the lease for our studio. After several months of relentless work, we officially opened in June. I was lucky enough to shoot weddings in both of my favorite venues – Armour House & Salvage One. I shot the weddings of two friends of mine. One of my past clients had a baby and I found out another is expecting. And through it all, my wonderful husband Aaron (whom many of you know) was there with me, because I’m a lucky girl.

2012 looks to be even more exciting. I’m so thrilled about so many of my upcoming weddings, and even in just the first few months of the year, have some great shoots planned. In just a few weeks, I’ll be launching a new branch of Redwall Photo called Redwall Intimates. It’s a separate site for just boudoir and pin-up photography, since I hope to be doing many more of those types of shoots this year. A few other goals that I have include working to break into the high school senior photo market (as an ex-high school teacher I love that age… but I never have time to market myself for it!), and finding a studio manager. I would also love to book just a few destination weddings… I keep saying that one day, I swear I’ll make it to Greece, but since I’m so busy with work, it’s hard to block out the time to get there. So, if I had a Greece destination wedding, I would finally make it, right?! Just putting it out there, Universe.

Anyway, the below shots are just a few of my favorites from 2011. It was SO hard to narrow it down to the current list, but I think I finally got it to a manageable number… or, at least under 100. It’s seriously been an epic year.

I adore engagement sessions. They’re probably my favorite type of sessions. Not only is it the best time to get to know my clients, but I love the excuse to shoot in different locations all the time. It keeps things interesting.

Below are just a selection of some of my favorites from last year.


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