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I try not to do too many photographer-specific posts, but I had to mention this. So, if you’re not a photographer and/or if you don’t know what Lightroom is, just skip this one. I’ll be posting a blog about my awesome new albums that I’m offering a bit later today. Check back for that one.

I was introduced to Preset Lab this last week, which is a website with Lightroom presets – they have some free samples, and additional presets for sale. I had the opportunity to get a tester set, in exchange for a few images and formulas for the site. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. I generally make my own presets and actions, and when I do use others’ presets/actions, I usually tweak them until they are my own and practically  unrecognizable from the original. Very rarely do I use anything as it comes. But, I wasn’t out anything if I didn’t like the tester set, and I’m always curious.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the Preset Lab presets, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about them. Actually, I think I should stop here and explain that blogging about these are totally my own doing. I was not asked to blog about them, nor am I getting anything in return. I know that processing is a big question mark for a lot of photographers (even me sometimes).  I think that especially for those just starting out, these presets do a great job of conforming to a lot of different styles and could also help develop individual processing styles.


The other day, I asked my readers if they had any questions that they would like me to address on my blog – since winter is “the slow season” in Chicago, I have a bit of extra time to blog things I otherwise wouldn’t. I was actually a bit surprised by the questions; they had more to do with photography details and business start-up than actual services, but hey, I said I’d answer anything! If you have a question for me, head on over to the blog post and ask away!

The first question I’m going to address is from my friend and client Thao:

“Hi, Tasha! Great post; thanks for asking us for suggestions! I would personally love to know how you began building up a steady client base, especially before you had a big portfolio. Did you rely on personal recommendations? What marketing tools did you use? What do you think made you stand out from other photographers?

I know how WE (Dan and I) found (and loved!) your work, but I’m curious to know if that was an anomaly or a part of your regular business strategy.”

A bit of background – when I first started portrait and wedding photography, I ran a special where I gave away a very limited number of free sessions as a portfolio builder. Thao was one of my first clients, and found me through some retweets about that special on Twitter. We had a fantastic engagement session together (still one of my favorite sessions to this date), and I’ll be shooting her wedding this June, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Thao herself is working on starting a paper design company, so I can see how apt this question is for her. Oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for some fabulous, classy, and creative work for invitations, save the dates, etc., check her out. Here’s one of her latest projects.


Freebie :: Camera Wallpaper

I took this on Christmas day to test out my new macro-lens, and I just made it my desktop background… so, I thought I would share the hi-res version for others to do the same, if they wish (and if they’re obsessed with cameras, like me).



(PS. This is for personal use only, please do not distribute the image or use it commercially without prior permission. Stealing is not nice.)


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