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The hubby and I took a pre-wedding season vacation to the land of my birth (California). We visited family, ate entirely way too much, found a favorite indie coffee shop, went to Stone Brewery, and toured areas all over Southern California. I even did a few photoshoots with my niece and her friends, which I’m sure will make an appearance here. But, most importantly, I had In-N-Out minutes after we left the airport (yum).

It ended up being warmer in Chicago than it was in SoCal the whole week, so I returned without a tan, but it was a wonderful trip, and now I’m rested and ready for lots of weddings!

These are from Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano, shot on the Canon 650 with expired Kodak Gold and an old Rollei with Fuji Reala. Developed and scanned by Pro Photo in Irvine (who might be my new favorite lab). Digital shots to come later!

I feel like if I am not taking pictures, I am on my computer editing, answering emails, and on various forms of social media. When they’re all listed out, I feel like I have WAY too many social networking sites, but hey, they’re all different, right? Regardless, I wanted to put them all out there… I love friends.

  • Facebook – I post notifications when blog posts are up, occasionally have contests, and sometimes post other photography related-stuff there. Aside from RSSing my blog, this is probably the best way to keep up with my business updates!
  • Twitter – A mix of personal and business stuff. I don’t promise I won’t tweet about my cat because she’s quite ridiculous.
  • Pinterest – Latest addiction. I not only post personal DIY projects that I want to do, but I also have client inspiration boards where clients can ideas for engagement clothing, wedding ideas, etc.
  • Instagram – The best camera is always the one you have with you, and my iPhone is usually glued to me. I’m still not sure how to link to add people via a link to Instagram (someone help?), but my username is redwallphoto if you want to search for me via the app.
  • Personal work on Tumblr – I recently got a smaller camera that I use for personal, day-to-day photos, and this is where I post them.
  • Formspring – Not sure that I previously advertised this site, but Formspring is available for questions, especially of the photography variety.

So as not to have a post without a photo… a picture from my Tumblr:

Tasha Schalk Redwall Photo Social Networking Redwall Photo

The title says it all.

A few weeks ago, I borrowed a lens to try out (the 50mm f/1.2… it was lovely), and as is tradition with new equipment, my cat Zoe was my test subject. Despite it being late at night, she made the most of her duty and hammed it up for the camera, rolling around and playing. Of course, she was so funny, I wasn’t really paying attention to how the lens was performing because I was laughing too hard.  I think that means she failed her job.

Regardless of my cat’s efficiency as a test subject, I couldn’t keep these gems of photos to myself, so take a break from all the weddings, engagements, and portraits, and enjoy my insane cat.

I dare you not to laugh at her.


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