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With the ceremony in Alice Millar Chapel at Northwestern University, and the reception at the historic Woman’s Club of Evanston, gorgeousness obviously abounded at Gerrie and Mike’s wedding. But, more than the locales, the traditions were my favorite part. Just a few that come to mind:

I loved how Gerrie blended cultures with three different dresses (there is something so striking about the traditional red dress!). She looked stunning in all of them.

I learned about (and fell in love with) the tradition of receiving a case of wine at the birth of a daughter, and opening a bottle from the case at significant life events… with a wedding of course being one of them. What a great way of celebrating! Gerrie’s parents made sure to bring the special bottle of rice wine along.

And, finally, an extremely common tradition, but always heartwarming: the toasts. It’s then that you get a glimpse into sibling love or long-time friendships. It’s where parents remiscence about their little ones turning into adults. Toasts are usually enjoyable, but Gerrie and Mike’s toasts were especially wonderful and eloquent.

Thank you, Gerrie and Mike, for the chance to photograph your traditions, and I wish you many more celebrations!

People that helped make the day wonderful:

Hair: Antje Kastner @ Antje Kastner Studio
Makeup: Jezebel Alvarez @ Antje Kastner Studio
Ceremony: Alice Millar Chapel
Reception: Woman’s Club of Evanston
Catering: Food For Thought
Cake: Bittersweet
Florist: Maria’s Flower Boutique
DJ: DJ Caloy
Limo: Loyalty Limo

Friends and family, view Gerrie & Mike’s wedding gallery HERE. The password is the groom’s last name.

It’s so hard to put into words the feeling of a wedding. It’s a 15-hour day that is full of a ton of people, countless emotions, and a convergence of different histories. If I were to try to explain Stephanie and Christopher’s wedding, I’m sure my words would not be the same as guests, or family members. But, just for fun, a few phrases that come to mind when I think of this beautiful day are: elegance, good luck horseshoes, southern charm, plaid, and twerking (it might have happened a few times).

And, my very favorite moment of the day:

It was the end of the night, and Stephanie and Christopher were led outside by their moms, hands over their eyes, to the unveiling of a last surprise…a gorgeous 1939 Packard for the night. Their reactions were priceless, especially since the night was complete, all expectations had been met earlier in the day. And truly, they couldn’t have looked more like a fairytale princess and prince seated in the car. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

People that helped make the day gorgeous:

Hair: Dimitra Yost
Makeup: Traci Fine
Ceremony: Armour House
Reception: Armour House
Catering: Armour House
Cake: Deerfields Bakery
Florist: Lake Forest Flowers
DJ: MDM Entertainment

Friends and family, view Stephanie & Christopher’s full wedding gallery HERE. The password is the groom’s last name.

With one of the most emotional and thoughtful gift exchanges I’ve ever witnessed, it was obvious how much Sarah and Matt understand each other. With their incredibly joyous first look, it was obvious that they love each to the moon and back. With their tearful and eloquent vows, it was obvious that they are meant to be together. And with their crazy antics on the dance floor, it’s obvious that they’re going to have a blast together for many years to come.

And, obviously, I couldn’t include all my favorite pictures from the day… so here are just a few:

People that helped make the day wonderful:

Hair: Sam Umstead
Makeup: Sam Umstead
Ceremony: Cantigny
Reception: Cantigny
Catering: Cantigny
Cake: Cocoa Bean
Florist: Kio Kreations
DJ: Twan Claypool @ Cage and Aquarium
Videography: Studio 272 (and watch the gorgeous video from the day here!)
Coordination: Weddings by Karolina

Friends and family, view Sarah & Matt’s full wedding gallery here: The password is the groom’s last name.


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